The University of Sydney is calling for volunteers to participate in a research study on “Diversity & Inclusion in Resilience Building Projects”. The aim of the research is to study the challenges that women in emergency management face in their workplace, specifically those who are involved in resilience building or disaster related projects.

Examples of these projects include:

  • Disaster preparation, response, and recovery projects
  • Emergency management projects
  • Organisational projects
  • Community projects – can be local, regional, or national – including community building and social projects
  • Other operational projects – logistics, supply chain, administrative

The research aims to recruit interviewees (at least 12 participants) who are willing to share their valuable insights. The one-on-one interviews will be conducted in March and will be 45-60 minutes long. These can be done either face-to-face (in the University of Sydney campus) or through an online meeting.

The research aims to shed insights on the ongoing diversity and inclusion challenges in the emergency management sector. The results of the research will be made available to AWE and its members and will enable us collectively to use this information to better understand the sector, and how will AWE assist in providing relevant support and assistance to its members.

For other details on how the interview will be conducted, please refer to the attached Participant Information Statement.  Also attached is a copy of the potential questions that will be used during the interview for your reference.

To get involved or for further information please contact Susan Claire Alvarez (, Dr Nader Naderpajouh (, and Dr Marzena Baker (, at the University of Sydney or Amanda Lamont ( at AWE.