Philippa Woolf Scholarships

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About the Scholarship


The Philippa Woolf Scholarships open on 30 March!

Seven Philippa Woolf Scholarships are on offer in 2024.

The Scholarships will provide AWE members the opportunity to study three nationally accredited disaster relief and recovery units.

The three units incorporate the new Participate in a Recovery Team skill set and include:

  • Provide psychological first aid (PUARCV001)
  • Provide relief and recovery services to disaster affected communities (PUARCV002)
  • Work in a recovery context (PUARCV003)

Scholarship recipients will study these units together from July – September 2024.

Completion of these units can be credited towards the 50722 Diploma of Public Safety (Recovery Management) for those who would like to extend their study further.

Key dates

  • 30 March Scholarship applications open
  • 17 April Scholarship overview and Q&A (1-2pm AEST) – find out more here!
  • 30 April Scholarship applications close
  • 30 May Scholarship recipients announced
  • 24 July – 11 September 2024 study period (Wednesdays from 4pm – 7.30pm AEST)


The Philippa Woolf Scholarships are open to AWE members who are residents of Australia – apply here!!!

For more information about the Scholarships, including selection criteria, please click here for the information kit

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Selection criteria:

Applicants must:

  • Live in Australia
  • Be a member of the Australasian Women in Emergencies (AWE) Network
  • Provide a statement about why they are applying
  • Provide a letter of support from their paid or volunteer employer
  • Demonstrate the appropriate language, literacy and numeracy skills to successfully manage the reading required for the course
  • Be prepared to study independently and remotely for the duration of the program if required
  • Be available on consecutive Wednesdays from 4pm – 7.30pm AEST from 24 July 2024 to 11 September 2024
  • Be prepared to write a joint article with other Scholarship students reflecting on their scholarships and study experiences.

Shortlisted applicants will be asked to attend a short interview as part of the selection process.

About Philippa

Philippa Woolf has a strong background in emergency management at both an operational and senior level, including 26 years at NSW Police. Philippa also has international experience working with agencies such as Scotland Yard, London Metropolitan Police, Essex Police and Bramshill Police College on a number of employee management and leadership related projects.

Philippa generously provides scholarships through ACIM and AWE to provide women in the emergency management sector with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Hear from previous recipients

I’d like to thank Philippa and the team at AWE for my scholarship opportunity to complete my Diploma of Public Safety and Emergency Management.  With my current role in Disaster Management at Local Government, the Diploma was and will be imperative for coordinating and facilitating disaster events in our region. I work closely with emergency services and believe the skills I have  gained will ensure we assist our community and environment in the best way possible. Being a working parent it can be hard to fit in extra study, but I was very excited to finish the Diploma with the assistance of the AWE team. I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of applying for a scholarship to go ahead!


I received the Philippa Wolfe Scholarship to complete my Diploma in Public Safety during 2020. I have struggled in the past to stay committed to studies, but this opportunity was completely different. I felt incredibly supported to complete each subject and Philippa was very understanding when work, life got in the way (working in Emergency Management during 2020 that happened a lot!). It aligned perfectly with what I had going on at work so majority of the assessments and what I learnt in each subject has been used in practice. I would like to thank AWE and Philippa for this opportunity to get my head down and finally finish my diploma. I have learnt so much and inspired to use my new skills to improve our overall preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery.  Can’t wait to continue with my studies and further develop my knowledge in Emergency Management.                 


Studying with ACIM Solutions through the Philippa Woolf scholarship has been great – the team are very flexible and supportive to make sure you can work and study at the same time. Philippa has a wealth of knowledge stretching across the Emergency Management sector which is captured in the learning resources and shared during tutorials. I would encourage others to apply for this scholarship and/or studying with ACIM Solutions. It is a great way to deepen your knowledge of the Emergency Management sector. A great part of studying with them is that the teaching and assessments are tailored to your State, Agency and Role. As a result, you get useful knowledge that you can apply straight away to your work/ volunteer role. The one-on-one tutorials are a great chance to absorb the subject matter, but also get some tailored professional development advice from someone with expertise in the sector. Really enjoying the opportunity to study with ACIM and looking forward to working through more of the Advanced Diploma subjects this year.                   


Participate in a Recovery Team skill set (PUASS00095)

This program focuses on developing the skills and knowledge needed to work as part of organisations that provide recovery or relief services after an emergency. This is often at evacuation centres, relief or recovery centres, or through outreach programs. This program may also be useful for community members who participate in recovery efforts as a result of a disaster impacting their community.
Relief and recovery in emergency management has always had less focus on learning and development despite how critical these roles are for communities. We are excited that new nationally accredited courses have recently been released to support those that deliver this important work.
These three units can able to be credited towards the 50722 Diploma of Public Safety (Recovery Management) for those who would like to extend their study further.

The course incorporates three units of competence:

  • PUARCV001 – Provide psychological first aid
  • PUARCV002 – Provide relief and recovery services to disaster affected communities
  • PUARCV003 – Work in a recovery context

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