AWE Day 2022

October 10 is Australasian Women in Emergencies Day, a day to recognise and celebrate women in emergencies and disaster resilience.

Women bring unique skills and strengths to all areas of disaster resilience and emergency management, and their insights and expertise help build resilience across Australasia.

Australasian Women in Emergencies Day is for all women who work, volunteer or study in emergency services, community or not-for-profit organisations, governments or agencies, universities or schools, and private businesses and organisations.

This Australasian Women in Emergencies Day, we pay tribute to the thousands of Red Cross women and non-binary people in our region who volunteer and work in emergency management and disaster resilience. And we recognise and thank women and non-binary folk everywhere who support people and communities to better prevent, prepare for, response to, and recovery from disasters.

Australian Red Cross

Today is Australasian Women in Emergencies day. I want to take time to recognise the incredible contribution women play in assisting communities prepare, respond and recover from emergencies. We all know the sector has seen a LOT in the last couple of years and I am always in awe of the resilience and leadership on display by women in our sector and our communities. Whether you have a formal or informal role, whether you have been involved in EM for five minutes or your whole career, THANKYOU!!

Melissa Pexton, State Recovery Controller, WA Dept Fire and Emergency Services

(Today) is a day to celebrate the incredible contribution that women make in supporting communities prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters around Australia, New Zealand and Melanesia. During my time in Australia I had the pleasure to work on innovative programs and activities alongside amazing women leaders at Australian Red Cross who were a true inspiration for their dedication, courage and work ethic.

Paula Beckinschtein, Vice President, Orphalan

To all of the wonderful women working in our emergency management system, have a terrific Australasian Women in Emergencies Day 2021. Your contribution is significant and appreciated.

Tony Pearce, Inspector General for Emergency Management (Vic)

On this Australasian Women in Emergencies Day, a huge shout out to the women who make such a massive contribution to keeping our communities safe. I have the privilege of working with, leading, and being led by some truly amazing women in the NSW State Emergency Service and benefit enormously from their knowledge, skills and perspectives – thank you.

Steve Patterson, Chief Superintendent, NSW State Emergency Service

Today is Australasian Women in Emergencies Day. Across Victoria, women perform vital emergency management roles and contribute diverse skills and experience to the sector. Please join me in thanking them for their hard work and dedication. The more women who join our sector, the stronger we will be. Today I challenge all our leaders to not only celebrate the women in their teams, but to consider how they can encourage more women to join us.  A great place to start is by connecting with the Australasian Women in Emergencies Network.

Andrew Crisp, Emergency Management Commissioner (Vic)

How can I get involved?

Join us on Australasian Women in Emergencies Day to recognise and celebrate all women in emergencies and disaster resilience. Key activities include:

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