We are pleased to welcome you as a member of the new Australian Women in Emergencies (AWE) Network.

We have been overwhelmed by the positive responses received from our initial approach to a limited number of women within our networks, and in less than two weeks already have more than 160 enthusiastic registrants from a range of sectors right across Australia:

Congratulations on this fabulous initiative.  I take the opportunity to offer you my whole hearted support and endorsement!”
“I think that this is an exciting idea that will benefit many women in this industry.”
“What a terrific initiative. I would love to be involved – sign me up! Look forward to helping to grow this further.”
“What an amazing concept and opportunity! I’d love to be involved.”
“Bloody good idea. Count me in.”

We are still in the early stages of establishing the AWE Network and will be seeking input from all members into the network’s objectives, structure and activities.

We very much look forward to building this exciting network of Australian women working or interested in disaster resilience and emergency management and welcome your membership.