We are thrilled to announce the successful applicants for the 2021 Phillipa Woolf Scholarship are Nicky Haslinghouse and Zoe Chenier-Hinde. While only one scholarship was originally on offer, the calibre of the candidates was so strong that two scholarships were made available.

Nicky Haslinghouse                  Zoe Chenier-Hinde

Nicky Haslinghouse, Emergency and Critical Incident Specialist at the University of Melbourne, volunteer firefighter and SES trainee, stated in her application: As my experience as a young female firefighter hasn’t always been easy, I now have a passion for increasing the visibility of women within the sector, and the number of women in leadership positions, while also actively challenging gender-based discrimination.

Zoe Chenier-Hinde, Lead Intelligence Officer with Emergency Management Victoria, stated in her application: I want to be a strong female leader in Emergency Management, helping women from all walks of life to enter into and thrive in all aspects of emergency management.

Philippa Woolf, Director of ACIM said, “It is a privilege for us to support such committed, passionate and capable women continue to contribute to the emergency management sector. Together with our team, we are all looking forward to working with Nicky and Zoe as part of their ongoing professional development.”

AWE and ACIM believe both Nicky and Zoe have the potential to make great contributions to the emergency management sector and congratulate them on being each awarded a 2021 Philippa Woolf Scholarship.