What does the AWE Network logo represent?

–          a circle of strong women supporting one another

–          inclusiveness, collaboration, support and equality

–          wholeness, completion and unity

–          defence, endurance and safety

–          a circle or a set of concentric circles characterises a meeting place where people come together in Aboriginal art

–          the cycle of emergency management, with its ongoing sequence of planning, preparedness, response, relief and recovery

–          yellow is a colour that reflects creativity, new ideas and hope

–          optimism, security and originality

–          original thought and inquisitiveness, helping us to find new ways of doing things

Why did you join the AWE Network? (Member Survey 2018)

  • Networking

  • Support

  • Learn

  • Share

  • Help

  • Mentoring

  • Career and job opportunities

  • Study

  • There was nothing like this and it is needed

A group like this has been long overdue and helps to bring together women who work in an environment that is generally dominated by men.

Everyone has talents and can contribute. As a young woman in emergencies, being part of the network brings diversity and I hope I can be a role model to up and coming women.

Great opportunity to be part of the change in thinking and empowerment of woman within EM

I am excited to be with like-minded women and I would like to be part of a group that can support other groups.

I joined this network so I can try to help my career

I believe that women have a very powerful role to play in creating preparedness and resilience

I believe that women are an important asset to EM, and that it is important that we support each other in what can be a male dominated industry

AWE offers us the chance to support each other, utilise our collective strength, to push for reforms in the sector, and to change the culture

I joined AWE as I recognise the power of networking, particularly in the emergency management field. Those working or volunteering in the EM share a common passion to minimize the impact of disasters/emergencies

In acknowledgement of the skills, strength and experience that many of us women in emergencies bring to the table.

To be inspired and motivated

To build support networks with other women doing amazing things in the EM sector and to be an active part of something new and exciting