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Call for presenters is open until September 30, 2022

The International Sociological Association is holding its 20th World Congress in Melbourne, June 25 – July 01 ( ). AWE President, Bridget Tehan, is chairing a session titled ‘Women in Emergencies’. This session is now open to receive abstracts of 300 words from anyone who would like to present. Presentations can be made in person or virtually. Usually, there are about 4 to 5 presenters in a session, and each person speaks for about 15 minutes, with 5 minutes of question time. The session description is below. If you’d like to present on an issue related to women practitioners in emergencies, please follow the instructions under Call for Presenters.


Women Practitioners in Emergencies 

Gender plays an undeniable role in how an individual will experience a disaster. The United Nations identified that women and girls are the most vulnerable to the impacts of short term and cascading disasters. Women displaced by disaster are especially vulnerable in the areas of health and safety, shelter, and income support. In addition, the emergency management sector is frequently a highly gendered environment. Emergency responders, such as firefighters, are predominantly male, while those who undertake recovery work with communities are predominantly female.

This session, which will by chaired by the Australasian Women in Emergencies Network (AWE), will explore the gendered nature of emergencies and the associated implications as the world moves forward into an uncertain future with predicted increases in the frequency and severity of disaster events. Presentations that promote and highlight the skills and strengths of women in emergency management and disaster resilience are keenly sought, as are those which promote collaboration and cooperation, public education, marginalisation, and integrating women into all aspects of emergency management. Presentations and case studies focussing on marginalised women, migrant and refugee communities are also encouraged.


Session Organiser

Bridget Tehan
President & Co-founder
Australasian Women in Emergencies Network


Call for presenters

Click on the link below to enter the Research Committee39 Sociology of Disasters session titled ‘Women Practitioners in Emergencies’ abstract submission site:


Click on the blue button at the top of the page, ‘Submit an Abstract to this session’, and

be prepared with:

  • whether you want to present in person or virtually
  • between 1 and 4 keywords
  • a 300 word abstract

To see the entire list of sessions for RC39, here is the link:

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