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The AWE Women in Emergencies for Climate Action group meets online at lunchtime on the third Tuesday of each month.

At our April meeting, AWE members from diverse backgrounds, including research, emergency services, volunteers and community groups, met to discuss how they can benefit from the group and support action against climate change from our sector and roles. For some whose organisations are new to considering climate change, being able to draw on the experience and knowledge of others in the group will give them a head start as they engage others in their organisations on this topic. This is a great example of AWE providing professional development and support to women in the sector through access to experts, information and networks.

Women in Emergencies for Climate Action will continue to explore opportunities to build relationships and partnerships with other organisations to strengthen the voice for climate action. We will also look to take on an advocacy role as we develop our mission and mandate which will be approved by the AWE Committee.

Women in the emergency sector bring a unique voice, passion and point of view to this conversation. AWE is pleased to contribute and show leadership in this important debate and such a critical time for humanity and our environment.

The next meeting of the Women in Emergencies for Climate Action group will take place online from 12.30-1.30pm on Tuesday 17 May. We have arranged a guest speaker for the first part of this meeting. Contact Amanda Lamont for details.


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