August AWE Conversation with Tammy Myles

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Join us for our August AWE Conversation with TAMMY MYLES, Executive Director Community Recovery, Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy

Tammy is a senior management professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the human services industry.  During this time Tammy has worked in the non-government sector as well as in Local and State Government positions.  Throughout her career Tammy has taken the opportunity to work in both regional service delivery as well as in a variety of central office positions.  Tammy has a breadth of experience in areas such as Procurement and Contracting,  Child Safety, Disability Services and Disaster Management.

Tammy is currently the Executive Director, Community Recovery, Department Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and has over 17 years of experience in delivering, supporting and/or coordinating human and social recovery services at either a regional or state level.

This experience has largely included responses to natural disasters such as significant floods, cyclones and severe storms though at times has also included dealing with the human and social consequences of biosecurity outbreaks, extreme acts of violence or tragic incidents and accidents including supporting Australians returning from international incidents.

Our Queensland Chapter Co-Lead, Jaimee Morgenbesser will be hosting this conversation with Tammy.

Watch the recording here 

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