Being, Belonging, Becoming: Women’s wellbeing in floods

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Following the widespread and devastating flooding events in Victoria in 2022-23, Women’s Health Loddon Mallee (WHLM) undertook a project to understand the experiences of women across 10 LGAs, aiming to centre the mental health and wellbeing of women, advocate for and centre women’s voices in climate emergency discussions, and increase support to protect and support positive mental resilience.

The findings and recommendations are outlined in the WHLM report Women rising: Empowering flood recovery report. This includes a new Being, Belonging, Becoming Model which provides a framework for understanding and responding to women’s wellbeing during floods, and which offers a cycle of continuous learning that can be adapted to different disasters, different communities, and different women.

Join AWE and WHLM to learn more about women’s experiences in floods and the BeingBelonging and Becoming model.

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