We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2020 Philippa Woolf Scholarships:
Christina Hanger – Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) Christina works at CFA and volunteers with the Victorian State Emergency Service. Christina would like to advocate for the community and promote professionalism and continuous improvement in how emergency service organisations operate, and to develop her practical and theoretical understanding of public safety and emergency management.
Alicia Whiley – Diploma of Public Safety (Emergency Management) Alicia works as an Emergency Management Biosecurity Officer for Local Land Services in NSW. Alicia would like to improve Local Land Services’ capacity to respond to all types of emergencies, and to work more cohesively with external emergency services. She would like to adopt a new culture that encourages staff to work more effectively with their local emergency services and regional communities.

Philippa Woolf, Director of ACIM, stated, “It was wonderful to see the high calibre and diverse backgrounds of the applicants from within the AWE Network. Our team is very much looking forward to working with both Christina and Alicia as they continue to develop their emergency management skills and knowledge. We feel privileged to be involved in building capability among women operating in this critical community sector.”

AWE and ACIM thank all those who applied for the scholarships and congratulate Christina and Alicia.