The Psychosocial Brain: A neuroscience perspective on psychosocial safety in emergencies

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The Psychosocial Brain: A neuroscience perspective on psychosocial safety in emergencies

Do you want a better understanding of neuroscience and how psychological safety might improve emergency management practice and workplace safety?

AWE /AIES Joint Online Webinar – Tuesday 9th July @5pm

The human brain is an intrinsically social organ and directs immense resources to the task of keeping us safe in our social environments. Our webinar presenter, Leanne Drew-McKain, says the brain operates in either state of trust or a state of threat, in emergencies and day to day in our workplaces and lives.

The Code of Practice for managing psychosocial hazards at work covers a range of hazards across organisational, experiential, and relational aspects of work. An understanding of the social brain at work can help us increase safety at work, and in emergencies.

In this webinar, Leanne will explain why integrating psychosocial and psychological safety can increase wellbeing, safety, respect and performance in emergencies and in your working life.

Date: – Tuesday 9th July @5pm AEST

Join Zoom Meeting –… ID: 872 9016 6210

About Leanne 

Leanne Drew-McKain is re-shaping the way we understand the social brain at work. CEO of the National Psychosocial Safety Network, and developer of the successful Class Act Conduct program suite, Leanne is highly regarded for her unique ability to build organisational communication culture and improve psychological safety for leaders and staff—creating her own coaching brand and suite of culture-change programs that have forged a new and needed place in the business marketplace. Leanne’s innovative doctoral research into the neuroscience of workplace communication behaviour is contributing to a world-first applied neuroscience-based conceptual framework to help people prevent, eliminate and recover from workplace bullying and psychosocial safety risks.



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